Saturday, May 7, 2011

Modification of Honda CB 100 1976

Reaching the modern technology, Royo engine combines Honda’s CB 100 with Suzuki Satria FU-150. “Crankcase is owned by CB 100 cylinder head and block have Satria F-150 is already DOHC,” explained Royo addressed these famous brothers.

Certainly need to stand or a special adapter to combine the crankcase and cylinder block. Royo made from materials duralium 5 mm. Spliced using argon welding to the inside. Who’s the outside need to be more presentable, so wear welding babet.

The position of the bolt block is also shifted. Adjusted bolt holes in block F-150. Also need to make a long-tensioner seat and short. Using miling to fit pairs in the crankcase.

Piston diameter 68 mm disposable. Taken from Honda XR400 that had a piston pin 15 mm. Pas paired together handlebars piston GL-Neo Tech Pro already installed the following as his crutch.

Replace the boring big Piston force is greater. Also piston stroke or step so contrived 62.2 mm. This is obtained from shifting the position of crankshaft pin Neo Tech about 6.5 mm. Total steps to grow 13 mm.

If the cylinder volume is calculated using the formula must be obtained 225.7 cc. Was obtained from the diameter of the cylinder which was 68 mm and 62.2 mm stroke.

But, because of stroke increases not only install the adapter block duralium cylinder of 5 mm. But Satria FU keteng chain need to be supplemented. Connected again four eyes. Sure keteng on crankshaft gear is also constrained as a Knight 4-stroke it.

After the kitchen runway capacity increase, improved power handling sector. Let me draw so. As the ratio of one set of disposable Honda Tiger. Automatic machine does not scream loud because it’s been 6 levels of speed.

So also houses the clutch. Transplant from Tiger. “But the six-layer coupling is installed. Application of the Honda Grand, “said Royo who could be asked further on the home telephone number (022) 6673653.

GRAND ignition
Ignition still have a transplant from Grand. As a set of magnets, bobbin, and CDI pulser. Of course in the installation must be made a new holder. Most importantly pulser location mounted on the crankshaft. No cap is placed on a magnet, why do not you?

Plan ahead will change pulser. According to the Bro who had two spark plugs could make this popular. He said a good transplant from a Binter Joy. Hence the machine will be split again. Minimal left Kudu dismantled.

Lubrication system to the cylinder head must pass to be able to lubricate the valve mechanism. If you retain the old path, certainly quite complicated. That’s because the bolt holes in the crankcase and cylinder block has been shifted. Moreover, the adapter has a closed block and hit las babet.

To that must be made a new path. From the tub lid perforated as the holder the right clutch hose nipples. From rubber nipples attached to the pipe and iron pipe to the cylinder head. From there just sprayed into the valve mechanism.

The flow of lubricant in the cylinder head be continued into the crankcase back. Through block bolt holes left front. Setelahnyampe make two holes on the crankcase which is sprayed into the chain and handlebars keteng the piston down. New deh after that oil get together in the tub.

Edwin can be a unique item, the piston Honda CBR150. According Royo, diameter 67 mm and 15 mm pin. Automatic must bore down because the piston more cutesy and boring replaced smaller.

Now even dropped a cylinder capacity. Originally a 225.7 cc 219 cc. Down about 7 cc. Tapinggak felt safe because of problems because the compression is not too big.


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