Monday, September 6, 2010

Modification Yamaha Vixion

Modification Yamaha Vixion
Modification Yamaha Vixion
Modification Yamaha Vixion Yamaha V-Ixion Muhaimin Ahmad tilled hers. Ahmad, a modifier of Sinjay Rest (SR) in Surabaya, the new year falls on the scene and had flooded the motor modification orders. Fauzy ask it changed its form of motor sports racing model such as that used his idol, Valentino Rossi.

The challenge was immediately accepted without any consideration for Muhaimin already have a mold of M1, as well as molding for the V-Ixion. He confessed, to make a body kit with the exact same fiber material as Rossi's Yamaha M1, it can not be indiscriminate.

By asking for help to her younger sister who hooked around the internet, various motor Rossi pictures collected from different angles. It also includes a small camera perched on the edge part of the saddle.

All motor body using fiber material. To be more exact, there are several components dikondomkan with fiber material, such as the tank.

Swing arm is also modified. Here, Imin-familiar greeting Muhaimin-use the original arm that has been through the process of custom. Previously, these arms stretched by adding plates have larger dimensions because after applying the body kit. That way, the arm must be back 5 cm.

Arguably detailed workmanship is very neat. This is for example can be seen in deltabox and arm swing. Used in welding the two components were evident as in the motor Rossi. "That's just bogus aja, kok. I made from material that is inserted into a plastic resin. Well, at the end of perforated plastic, the new mixture gently pressed play. The result is like a former welding workmanship," leaked Imin, smiling.

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