Sunday, April 11, 2010

Modifikasi Motor Vespa Chopper Green Style Concept

This is time to share with you about Modifikasi Motor Vespa Chopper Green Style Concept. Honestly, we don’t apperceive what it agency to accept a “frame, abeyance and council developed from amoebic substances,” but whatever it is, you can see it in the angel above. Looks kinda cool, no? Designer Michael Smolyanov describes a action of application fluorine to “destruct the organics and action the carbon” of the frame, abrogation a able and failing structure. Whatever that means.
In any case, this abstraction motorcycle is declared to be eco-friendly, admitting it’s powered by what appears to be an air-cooled V-twin engine. Perhaps it would run on booze fuel? Looking over the design, the M-Org abstraction additionally appears to accept some array of mashup amid a Cannondale Lefty and a BMW Telelever angle design.
Finally, the John Deer-esque blush arrangement is complemented by a saddle that you ability apprehend to see on a actual old and well-used tractor.

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