Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The 10 Section on Motor To Look

The 10 Section on Motor To Look10 Section on Motor To Look
Most new riders want to pay attention to the vehicle if the engine fussy, do not want to turn on or fussy. In fact, there are about 10 triggers calamity that could befall the rider and there are of them led to the accident.

Notice the sections below, may occur on your bike.
1. Spidomoter cable end
Especially when she decided the bottom. Do disepelakan and let it drop. The danger, strong twisted cord to the fingers, you have bounced straight forward.
2. Contra nut gas cables
Skubek owner who made a special unloading hooked pairs carburetor. Make sure the nut fastener counter throtle cable line pipe has been bound correctly on beretknya. If one nut loose and the pipe-shaped letter "L" off, then the gas grip aka los baseball would be played. The danger, as could be hit by a vehicle overtaking from the front or rammed from behind.
3. Bolts front sepatbor
Check the fastener bolts (4 pieces), do not let loose. When all four bolts loose and the retaining of water would fall onto the conveyor, the back sepatbor be folded in a triangle and the motor could brake suddenly, causing the back of tumbling.
4. Rubber protective bubble
battery positive part of the head covered, either from rubber, plastic or other materials that do not deliver electricity apapan. If the conditions have been damaged and have not had time to replace them, "Make sure the battery is completely tied to the house and away from the components around which could cause misunderstanding," said Wawan Setiawan, head mechanic of Yamaha Motor bloomed, Bogor.
5. Tire pressure
Do not let the wind pressure is less, can lead to leaks. Moreover, long out of use and park without using the middle standard. "If less wind, tire rub in the same vulnerable outer rim and tire. So that cause leakage even explode," said Ribut Wahyudi, mechanical Stars Jaya Niaga, Cibinong, Bogor.
6.Replace sharp sprocket
Observe eye gear teeth, both front and rear, if it has been pointed should be replaced. Because, when it is easy to move in sharp positions. Rantaipun loose and stuck in the arm. You hear of people falling from the bike because the chain broke and stuck in the arm, yes because of negligence.
7.Fuse mandatory pairs
Make sure the battery powered ampere fuse which has a size as recommended. Even the position of the fuse plug completely in place to avoid shorting.
8.Replace brake lever brake nut
If the motor has more than 5 years old, do not forget with the retaining nut, fastener as well as liaison from the rear brake lever Babet materials. Moreover, often unloading pairs, allowing screw deterioration or dol. If it were so, the brakes could be because as a liaison bablas brake lever off of the stalks.
9. Rubber damaged Footstep
When the rubber off or hanucr, then the apparent end of the iron as a basic component of the footrests. Then imagine again if the tip of the iron had touched accidentally shins.
10.Make bother for back passenger
Frequently encountered, the rear license plate was not dislodged. That's a source of bad luck if not quickly corrected. At least leg dibonceng be a victim. Especially when they want to go down.
let begin check.

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